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Car Average Fuel Consumption

Average fuel consumption is information which is important for most motorist to evaluate how much economic is a traffic of their car. Cars which have their own dashboard computer can calculate average fuel consumption automatically and a motorist knows about an immediate consumption and also about average fuel consumption. If you have not got a computer in your car, which could count consumption automatically, this calculator should be helpful for you. The calculator above provides a calculation of average fuel consumption. You can choose a volume units for your calculation, between litres and gallons, for distance traveled choose units between kilometres and miles. The calculator automatically counts how many kilometers or miles you ride per one unit of fuel (per one litre or per one gallon). You can fill in a cost of fuel as complementary information and the calculator automatically calculate a cost per one kilometer of distance traveled.

How Calculate Fuel Consumption?

You can use a calculator that is available at the website or you can use this simple formula:

average consumption = consumed fuel / (distance traveled / 100)


average consumption = (consumed fuel / distance traveled) * 100

Both of them are equivalent so use which one you want.

Fuel Consumption Measurement Method

We always begin with full tank so we refill a full fuel car tank. After some distance traveled (for example 500 kms - how longer the distance is thereby the better result), we refuel the car tank again. Now we have values of distance traveled and of consumed fuel (it means the amount of refilled fuel), that´s what we need to your calculation. When we would like to count a cost per one kilometer of distance traveled, we use information about price of our penultimate refuel (not of our last refueling) because our car has consumed this fuel. If you want to know the result information quite punctually, you always calculate the fuel consumption from the maximal distance you drive by one full tank (you refuel your fuel tank after your red control of fuel reserve lights up).

Fuel Consumption Calculation Example

average consumption = (consumed fuel / distance traveled) *100
average consumption = (52 / 847 ) * 100
average consumption = 0.06139 * 100
average consumption = 6.139 l/km